MATARÓ Tiempo 19 ºC


In Mataró, the garden for all time is called Passi.

The name Passi has been linked to gardening culture in Catalonia for over 30 years.

We specialise in the traditional sections of a garden, such as the greenhouse, indoor and outdoor plants and garden accessories, with the introduction of sections such as animals, floral design and furniture while offering unique and very different details.

We are concerned with the smallest detail in each plant, each flower, in every piece of decoration.

In Passi, customers can find the best quality available with advice from a team of highly qualified professionals.

A garden centre where you can walk around and enjoy the surroundings. You can even bring your pet for a walk through this journey full of variety.

There are more than 50,000 items selected from the best suppliers around the world within the 5,000m2 of Passi Garden Home.

Passi Garden Home is committed to sustainability, caring for nature and respect for flora and fauna. Our products and garden ornaments are all perfectly maintained and well preserved.